Bones Hardcore Barrel Bushings 88A

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Basic Information
Bones Hardcore Barrel Bushings 88A
Product Option

Hardcore™ Bushings are barrel bushings which will fit in ALL longboard trucks that use standard height bushings such as Aera, Caliber, Paris, Randal, PNL, etc.

The insert greatly increases the precision of your truck by limiting side to side movement of the hanger, increasing rebound, stability, and steering. You can expect to run a softer durometer than your previous set-ups. Hardcore bushings will improve the performance of any longboard trucks.

85A GREEN/RED - Softest - for 100lb - 200lb - carving / cruising / freeride / DH

88A WHITE/RED - Mid range - for 140lb - 220lb - cruising, freeride or DH

90A RED/RED - Upper mid range - for 160lb - 240lb - heavier riders, or DH / freeride

93A BLACK/RED Hardest - for 180lb - 300lb - heavy riders, extra stability or DH / Freeride

Why Hardcore?

-Patented bonded-insert technology 
-More precise steering 
-Quicker response 
-No break-in period 
-More stability 
-The BEST bushings, period.